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Spells-a-popping! Granny's Shopping!

RRP $13.99

There's more trouble afoot for the little girl whose Granny is a (shhh, whisper it) witch, whom we first met in Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble. Granny just loves to magic things along and a trip to the supermarket is anything but ordinary. However, Pandora quite likes things to be normal(ish) and when fishfingers start flying around she soon tells her Granny to behave. But when Pandora spots a couple of robbers up to no good, an extra-ordinary magical Granny is exactly what's needed! "My granny's rather ...different, as you can plainly see. Her handbag pops and hisses and her pets are slippery! Her house is in a quiet street although it's kind of batty! She'd have the neighbours round for tea, except they're not that chatty"

Car Shopping Journal

RRP $13.99

Having a car shopping journal is the first step to picking out the best car for you. You can record things like price, reliability, test drive experience, model comparison, as well as the level of customer service offered by each dealership that you visit. It is easy to lost in the plethora of options offered in today's car market, but having a clear and concise car shopping journal can keep your focused and organized on the prize ahead- your new car that has your name on it! You can make a journal using a composition book or buy one at your nearest bookstore today.

A Little Shopping

RRP $10.99

Meet The


  • Lily, who wants to be a poet
  • Tess, who wants to be a Broadway star
  • Rosie, who wants a little cottage with flowers by the door

    Lily has a wonderful idea -- to surprise Aunt Lucy with a dollhouse that looks just like her flower shop. But first the girls have to buy a few things at The Olde Craft Shoppe, and with the Cobble Street Cousins, even a little shopping trip can turn into an adventure


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