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Diary Of A Witchcraft Shop 2

RRP $27.50

A second opportunity to sharei in the joys, challenges and downright oddness inherent in running an eclectic business in the fable-rich village of Glastonbury. Aided and abetted by Jack and Jamie, the Voodoo boys, Liz and Trevor guide us through twelve months of amusing anecdotes and bizarre events, introducing us in passing to a growing menagerie of pets, a cast of characters both charming and eccentric, and a community with a personality all its own. Sit down, kick back, and enjoy... "Occasionally I chuckle out loud. Often it's an unrestrained guffaw, which draws attention to my now blushing face. I can imagine all too clearly the anecdotes taking place." - Wizzley Book Reviews "No matter what your views of witchcraft and paganism this diary is brimming with humour, honesty and downright strange occurrences." - Selina Lock, the British Fantasy Society "This book is an absolute delight. What could appear to be a limited subject, snippets of life running a shop in Glastonbury, is in fact a life-affirming, wry, intuitive and fascinating account of modern life." - Demonica, Amazon review

The Ultimate Paleo Shopping Guide

RRP $16.99

Why Is This Book The Ultimate Paleo Book? Paleo, or the lifestyle of the caveman, as it is better known, is a simpler and healthier way of eating. In this particular lifestyle, you should only consume the foods that were available at the time of our ancestors, the caveman. Hence, you cannot eat any item of food that was not available to them. Further on in the book, we will not only discuss what Paleo is, but also the benefits you can gain by following this lifestyle. The sole purpose of this book is to share with you, the wide variety of foods you can eat on Paleo and of course the grey areas of Paleo as well. Thus in this book you will find: Discussion on Paleo Benefits of Paleo Foods allowed on Paleo Shopping list of Paleo foods Read on to find out more."

Parallel And Distributed Processing : 10th International Ipps/spdp'98 Workshops, Held In Conjunction With The 12th International Parallel Processing Symposium On Parallel And 9th Symposium On Parallel And Distributed Processing, Orlando, Florida, U. S. A., March 30-april 3, 1998

RRP $108.00

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of 10 international workshops held in conjunction with the merged 1998 IPPS/SPDP symposia, held in Orlando, Florida, US in March/April 1998. The volume comprises 118 revised full papers presenting cutting-edge research or work in progress.In accordance with the workshops covered, the papers are organized in topical sections on reconfigurable architectures, run-time systems for parallel programming, biologically inspired solutions to parallel processing problems, randomized parallel computing, solving combinatorial optimization problems in parallel, PC based networks of workstations, fault-tolerant parallel and distributed systems, formal methods for parallel programming, embedded HPC systems and applications, and parallel and distributed real-time systems.


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