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The Bishopric Of Durham

RRP $14.99

'Near the south side, where the river fetches itself around, stands the cathedral church high up, making a solemn and a sightly show, with a high tower in the middle, and two spires at the west end.' William Camden's description of Durham, published in 1610, provides a fascinating snapshot of the county as it was over four hundred years ago. Camden's account also delves into the history of the bishopric, 'out of the depth of antiquity'.

Woodworking Shop 101

RRP $13.99

If you are thinking about setting up your first woodworking shop, or expanding your existing one, this book will show you how to save both time and money selecting quality equipment. Written by Thomas Shaw, a master woodworker for over 50 years, it will guide you through the most common brands of popular power tools, both stationary and portable. It answers important questions such as where to start, what you really need to buy, what to buy first, and why, and where to get the best prices on everything you buy. It gives you the pros and cons of stationary power tools such as table saws, radial arm saws, planers, jointers, band saws, drill presses, sanders, lathes, and bench grinders. It covers portable power tools such as hand drills, sanders, jig saws, circular saws, multi function tools, routers, and reciprocating saws, other tools such as scroll saws, combination sanders, and spindle sanders.and pneumatic tools such as brad nailers, and framing nailers. It also provides detailed guidance about important subjects such as where to put your shop, space requirements, equipment placement, lighting, dust collection, fire prevention, and personal safety. Finally, it contains a bonus section with a list of recommended suppliers, magazines, and newsletters.

Arif Goes Shopping Pink A Band

RRP $11.99

Cambridge Reading Adventures is a book-banded international Primary reading scheme which couples an exciting range of text with precise bookbanding from the Institute of Education. What goes into the trolley?


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