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Nonlinear Microwave And Rf Circuits

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Designed for microwave and RF engineers, this is a presentation of nonlinear microwave and RF circuits. It offers an understanding of the theory of nonlinear circuit analysis that they need for their work in the field. There is guidance on designing nonlinear circuits and modelling solid-state devices for nonlinear circuit analysis by computer, showing how characteristics of such models affect the analysis of these circuits. This second edition features new material, including critical discussions on nonlinear analysis of oscillators and design issues relating to RF (radio frequency) and wireless technology. More than 120 illustrations support key topics throughout the text.

Stability Analysis Of Nonlinear Systems 2016

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The book investigates stability theory in terms of two different measure, exhibiting the advantage of employing families of Lyapunov functions and treats the theory of a variety of inequalities, clearly bringing out the underlying theme. It also demonstrates manifestations of the general Lyapunov method, showing how this technique can be adapted to various apparently diverse nonlinear problems. Furthermore it discusses the application of theoretical results to several different models chosen from real world phenomena, furnishing data that is particularly relevant for practitioners.
Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Systems is an invaluable single-sourse reference for industrial and applied mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, researchers in the applied sciences, and graduate students studying differential equations.


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